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Don't know where to start?  We offer a diverse range of solutions to meet your creative and strategic needs. Our packages are designed to provide comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for businesses, organizations, and individuals looking to elevate their brand, share their story, and connect with their audience in meaningful ways.


Ready to take the next step towards bringing your vision to life? Explore our packages below and find the perfect solution for your project or business. If you have any questions or need assistance in choosing the right package for you, don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help you succeed.


Our Video Packages are tailored to help you tell your story through the power of video. Whether you're looking to create promotional videos, documentaries, educational content, or event coverage, our packages offer a range of options to suit your needs. From concept development and scriptwriting to filming and post-production, our experienced team will work closely with you to bring your vision to life on screen.

Video Message

starting at $375.00 USD

Video Teaching

starting at $550.00 USD

Video Podcast

starting at $500.00 USD

Premium Podcast Assets

starting at $1000.00 USD

Promo Video

starting at $250.00 USD

Brand Film

starting at $7500.00 USD

Custom Video Assets

starting at $75.00 USD

Custom Video Production

Contact us for a FREE CUSTOM QUOTE!

On-Set Video Production Rates

At Morabito Creative Group, we understand the importance of transparent and competitive pricing for your production needs. Our comprehensive production rates are designed to offer exceptional value while ensuring that your project receives the attention to detail and professionalism it deserves.

Standard Package Inclusions:


Industry Standard Camera Setup: Our standard package includes the use of industry-standard camera equipment, carefully selected to deliver high-quality footage that meets or exceeds industry standards. From DSLRs to professional cinema cameras, we have the gear needed to capture your vision with clarity and precision.


Standard Lighting and Sound Setup: Lighting and sound are essential elements of any production. With our standard package, you'll benefit from a professional-grade lighting setup and sound equipment to ensure that your visuals are well-lit and your audio is crystal clear.


Basic Set Design: A well-designed set can elevate the look and feel of your production. Our team will work with you to create a basic set design that complements your vision, whether it's a simple backdrop for interviews or a more elaborate set for a narrative shoot.


Expert Cinematography: Our experienced cinematographers bring a wealth of knowledge and creativity to every project. From framing and composition to camera movement and shot selection, we'll capture your story with precision and artistry.


Complimentary Travel (Within 25 Miles): We understand the importance of convenience and accessibility. That's why we offer complimentary travel to locations within a 25-mile radius of our base. Whether you're shooting on location or at our studio, we'll ensure that getting there is hassle-free.


Gear Upgrade Options:


While our standard package includes everything you need for a successful production, we also offer gear upgrade options for clients seeking additional capabilities or specialized equipment. Whether you require advanced camera features, specialized lighting setups, or custom sound solutions, our team will tailor our gear to meet your specific requirements and exceed your expectations.


Travel Fees:


For locations beyond the 25-mile radius of our base, travel fees will be added to cover transportation and logistics. Our team will provide transparent pricing and estimates based on the distance and requirements of your project, ensuring that there are no surprises when it comes to your budget.

Half Day = $750.00 USD | Full Day = $1500 USD


Elevate your brand with our Design Packages, which are crafted to help you create stunning visual assets that leave a lasting impression. From logo design and branding materials to marketing collateral and digital graphics, our packages offer a variety of options to help you communicate your message effectively and stand out from the competition. Let our talented team of designers bring your brand to life with creativity, authenticity, and precision.

Logo Design

starting at $250.00 USD

Brand Design

starting at $750.00 USD

Premium Brand Design

starting at $1800.00 USD

Podcast Assets

starting at $225.00 USD


Establish a strong online presence with our Website Packages, designed to help you create a professional and user-friendly website that showcases your brand, products, and services. Whether you're looking for a simple informational site, an e-commerce platform, or a custom-designed portal, our packages offer a range of features and functionalities to meet your specific needs. Let our team of expert web designers build a website that reflects the unique essence of your brand and helps you achieve your goals online.

One-Page Website

starting at $175.00 USD

Three-Page Website

starting at $500.00 USD

Five-Page Website

starting at $850.00 USD

Custom Website

starting at $1200.00 USD

Online Store

starting at $1500.00 USD

Premium Websites

starting at $2400.00 USD


Still haven't found what you're looking for? 

We understand that each project is as unique as the story it tells. Our approach to pricing goes beyond standard packages because we believe in offering a tailored solution that aligns with your specific needs. When it comes to custom quoting, we take into account the intricacies of your project, including its scope, complexity, and the creative elements involved. Our transparent and collaborative process ensures that you receive a quote that reflects the value and craftsmanship we bring to every storytelling endeavor.


Whether it's a captivating brand film, a series of client testimonials, or a visionary project in development, our custom quoting is designed to provide you with a clear understanding of the investment required to turn your creative vision into a reality. Let's embark on this creative journey together, and we'll work closely with you to craft a customized quote that brings your story to life.

Stay Tuned For More!

We're continually expanding our offerings to provide comprehensive solutions for all your creative and strategic needs. Keep an eye out for updates and announcements as we continue to grow and evolve to better serve you.

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